Your posts are touching various topics every time. From Indian Culture to Heritage to writephotos all are worth reading. Being History nerd you have explained various historical & cultural facts very nicely. They have generated curiosity in IT nerd like me to learn more about our culture and history. Continue with your work.

Awaiting for your next post.


Devendra A

Ashwini, I like reading your blogs. They cover various aspects of life. Especially your posts #writephoto and your post which takes us back to the memory lane. Last one Trekking with kids, refreshed my memories when I started trekking with my elder sister. I did not know what was trekking but as a kid, I used to enjoy those days.

Also forgot to mention about your post on #Monday :P. It’s become a part of our life nowadays, we are becoming machines are working around the clock in the race. I wish only we should not lose the essence of living life in this mechanical life.

Keep posting stay blessed.


Shoneel Y

Knowing a person as a person and knowing the same person as a writer is sometimes a bliss. And I find this bliss in Ashwini’s blogs. Her writing is specifically distinct. Her use of words and their expressions somewhere casts a shade of JKR. The tiny hints from her real-life trailing towards the way she fancies her life to be, form a strong subtext for her poems. While her experience and her intelligence is clearly felt while reading her blog.
Kudos to you Girl. Keep writing and keep throwing light on many topics for us.
Big Hug!

Mandar Thorat

I have been reading Ashwini’s blogs regularly. The writer certainly has subject matter expertise which is clearly evident in her linguistic skills, presentation, consistency in presenting the thoughts on the subject matter

She is a well-informed writer and likes to express thoughts on varied subjects
Her versatility clearly differentiates her from other bloggers who normally choose to write on a dedicated subject of their interests

Ashwini writes and expresses from the bottom of the heart on the day to day real life experiences which makes her writing appealing for readers.
She attempts to express thoughts in a simple way.

She is a true inspiration for all youngsters who aspire to write on subjects on social awakenings and experiences around us.

I wish all the luck to her in her multifold endeavours😊

Prasna Velcheru

You have a beautiful blog!!! 🙂


Your blog is sooooo beautiful! ❤