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It's Magical!

via Photo Challenge: Satisfaction
Nothing fills my soul like dancing! The Satisfaction and bliss that I get after a few odd minutes of dancing is enough to charge me up after a long and a dull day at work. Sharing with you a pic from one of my dance shows.
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Unusual Solitude

via Photo Challenge: Unusual
In a busy and populous city like Mumbai it is Unusual to find empty traffic-free streets, open spaces and beautiful lofty trees, even in the farthest of the suburban areas. Continue reading Unusual Solitude

Harmony of Words

via Photo Challenge: Collage
What’s a collage but a clamour of ‘What ifs?’
What’s a collage but a body of ‘Misfits’
What’s a collage but a meeting of different Worlds
What’s a collage but a harmony of beautiful Words…
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via Photo Challenge: Transient
Sometimes I wish I could go back, rewind my life and press pause. I want to be little again!
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The Festival of Lights

via Photo Challenge: Focus

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” ~ Aristotle
That is the beauty of Diwali. When the days are shorter and the nights darker…we lit our homes with earthen lamps and celebrate the triumph of the light over the dark!

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via Photo Challenge: Order

“Dance first, Think later. That’s the natural Order!” ~ Samuel Beckett

Though dancing is something which makes you free and liberates your soul, the essence of a good dance is in its discipline and order.
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Sands of Time

via Photo Challenge: Evanescent
“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives,”- Macdonald Carey.
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