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Snail Mail 101 

So, for a past few weeks I have been writing postcards and letters to friends and newly found penfriends. I have to say, it feels so wonderful! So far, I have written 27 inland letters and 7 Airmails…and as I write this blog, I’m getting more requests from friends, family and unknown ‘friends’ for letters!


Many enthusiasts wanted to know the process of posting a letter. How or where to get postcards? How to write letters? How to send them? What are the charges and blah blah…So I thought I should write the basics of posting postcards or letters.

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Snail Mail

9th of October of every year is celebrated as World Post Day! In this world of Blogs, Facebooks, WhatsApp, stuff, let’s – for a change – celebrate the “Snail Mail”!


So here’s my crazy idea: Is anyone interested in being “Pen Friends”?


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