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World Book Day!

via Photo Challenge: Friend



Books have always been there through the thick and the thin. So here’s a picture of my “Friend“.
They have introduced me to many amazing magical worlds and in turn have inspired me to write my own stories!

(PS: These are a few random books from my collection)

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Be a Star!

“What goes around comes around”

For a few years, I was so depressed! Everything in my life seemed to have taken a turn for the worst. My college life sucked so much that I wanted to drop out of Law school, my grandmother was ailing and was in a hospital for a long time, I had reached a rock bottom in all of my relationships: friends, family (misunderstandings and silences are more damaging than heated arguments).
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via Daily Prompt: Shimmer
Today is World Lazy Day!! This day I can actually celebrate being my lazy-ass-me 😀  Yay! Had I known it before I left for work, I would have gladly gone back to sleep. But unfortunately, I came to work today. I’m working – much against my will- but yeah working!
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via Daily Prompt: Caper
“How far are you going baba?”
“Very far away!”, He replied tickling her.
Little Munni Capered off giggling, how was she to know that her dad was saying his goodbyes before he hanged himself.

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It’s raining! Plitter-platter plitter-platter…oh the sound!
The weather is so beautiful that it almost hurts. I love the rains but hate the way they make me nostalgic. It’s like stepping upon a piece of lego, particularly on one that you never knew were missing in first place. Continue reading Nostalgia

Keep your Love on Loop

via Daily Prompt: Loop

“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.”    ~ Erich Segal

I happened to read this quote somewhere today. How true it is! Love just slowly washes over you; consuming every inch of your body and soul. You are not even sure how or when you fell for that stranger. You just did.
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The Festival of Lights

via Photo Challenge: Focus

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” ~ Aristotle
That is the beauty of Diwali. When the days are shorter and the nights darker…we lit our homes with earthen lamps and celebrate the triumph of the light over the dark!

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And we Peed!

via Daily Prompt: Relieved
The poem that I’m sharing today was composed by me way back in 2009! I just had discovered this new talent in me and this is my 6th piece of creative writing ever.
So…the inspiration behind this is an incident from a trek. You will give the gist of it as you read through.
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A Lost Life

via Daily Prompt: Blossom
A Lost Life
Life is often lost
In words that are left unsaid
And in books stacked away unread
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Tune out…

via Daily Prompt: Volume
Switch off all the devices, turn that Volume down. Concentrate on your breathing, have a look around and see how many missed calls and unread messages you have from the universe!
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