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Ganapati Bappa…Morya!

via Photo Challenge: Heritage
I never get tired of talking about the Indian culture and heritage. And this weeks’ photo challenge has given me yet another reason to flaunt about this wonderful country. There are so many Indian things that resonate with the word Heritage. I had a difficult time choosing from loads of images of different food items, monuments, dresses and so much more.
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Sisters in Crime!

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration


Happy Siblings Day you clown!!


To my sweet, little, devilish, mad and crazy ass sister! There are millions of things that I do every day in Collaboration with her.
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Beautiful Skies

via Daily Prompt: Trace
She stood at the window staring out at the vast expanse of the sky, her eyes reflecting the crystal blue canopy. There was not a Trace of the last night’s storm. The clear skies and calmness that followed after the thunderstorms always amazed her.
She found strength in that. If the skies could scream, bleed and cry the whole night and still be this calm and beautiful the next morning then so could she!

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Monsoon Greys

via Daily Prompt: Detonate
Each morning I’m greeted by the lovely sight of grey monsoon skies. These huge water balloons float in every day waiting to Detonate! And I’m literally dying to hear the familiar plitter-platter.
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"Imprint of a departed soul"

via Daily Prompt: Impression
I know this doesn’t actually fit. But from the time that I have read today’s prompt, all I can think about is a particularly hilarious bit from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
This scene just cracks me up every time I read Half Blood Prince and I have read it more than a dozen of times! I’m a Harry Potter fan through and through (Not obsessed with it but). And Ron Weasley is one of my favourite characters. He is witty, hilarious and has some awesome retorts all the time!
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A Lullaby

via Daily Prompt: Descend
It’s that time of the year again! Mangoes, jack-fruits, plums, ice lollies and lazy afternoons welcome me in my sweet little village. This time around I plan to spend as much of my time sitting in the mango grooves by the river and in the temples tucked in the hills far away.
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ERROR 404: Soul Not Found

via Daily Prompt: Precipice
As I came home today, my mom handed me a postcard that was addressed to me. It seemed very odd that someone had mailed me and not just sent an email. Very curious, I dismissed my original plans of sleeping (I’m very lazy you see 😜), and instead sat down to read it right away. It was sent from Bhutan by a friend who was visiting the country!
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Slow poisoning qualms!

via Daily Prompt: Qualm
She had known him for years now. His smile that still made her go weak in the knees was too familiar. But something had changed.
There he was right in front of her, smiling, his deep black eyes tender with love! Yet she felt alone and distant in his arms.
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A Fairytale Ending….

via Daily Prompt: Bitter
It all started when I saw you across the street. How was I to know then that I might hopelessly fall in love with this handsome stranger?
Had I known that day that I might run into you, I would have taken a different route. But then we would have still met and fallen in love eventually! This way or that.
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Lifestyle Choice!

via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle
“Why Arts though?”
“Well, I want to live and not just make a living!”
True Story. It’s my Lifestyle choice! I’m now an Archaeologist who teaches, dances and blogs…And I am way happier than when I was a Lawyer.