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All Layered Up!

via Photo Challenge: Layered

There are layers upon layers upon layers here…~ Dan Kennedy

Who thought dessert trekking in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan could be this freezing?!
In spite of being Layered, we ended up shivering to the spine! Here’s me (in red) with my friends soaking up the non-existent warmth of the sun. We clicked tons of pics but in most of them we resemble terrorists – identified only by our jacket’s colour! 😀 Continue reading All Layered Up!

Scattered memories #writephoto

“That’s a rabbit! Can you see it Uncle Sam?” chimed Jenny.
“No. Where is it?”
“There right there in front of you, hahahaha…look” she tugged at his face with her small hands, guiding it to a spot on the ceiling.
She and Uncle Sam were lying on the dinning room floor engaged in their favourite pass time – tracing shapes and stories formed on the ceiling by the chandelier.

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The Wait

via Photo Challenge: Waiting

Waiting is an occupation. It is having nothing to wait for that is terrible

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Drifting Clouds..#writephoto

via Thursday Photo Prompt: Wisp #writephoto
Here I am writing yet another Photo Prompt posted by Sue Vincent. I missed the last two, hence really hurrying into this one! Don’t want to miss out on it again. Sharing with you guys one of my most favourite poems. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂
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His Part of Heaven #writephoto

via Thursday Photo Prompt: Mask #writephoto
I absolutely love writing on Photo Prompts which are posted by Sue Vincent. They challenge my imagination and are really fun to write about! Here’s a short story / flash fiction for you. Enjoy it guys! :*

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Secret of the Winds: #writephoto

via Thursday Photo Prompt: Peace #writephoto
I have decided to try my hand at one of these Photo Challenges. So basically we have to compose a prose or poetry that suits the image/photo. This Photo was posted by Sue Vincent and here’s what it inspired me to write!
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