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Lockdown Diaries – Bird’s Eye view!

Well…right after I decide that I have to re-start blogging, my site crashes! For past two to three days, I was desperately trying to salvage the site. As most of you would know by now, I’m not much of a techno-savvy person. So obviously I had a hard time trying to understand the tech lingo. After a few futile attempts I reached out to few of my friends and they helped me salvage the site. A cursory look tells me that I have lost a few blogs but I have republished them. All your encouraging comments on them have been lost unfortunately.

However, I’m very glad that I didn’t lose my whole site. I’m already struggling with having to accommodate blogging in my schedule. I would have completely lost heart if I had lost everything. Umpphhhh… So here I’m after a minor hick-up. 😊

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City’s Pulse: Its Rhythm and Movement

The Sea and Mumbai!

Rhythm and movement are fundamental to life. Rhythm pulsates through everything within the vast universe to an atom. It is a source of life, activity and creation. It is said that Shiva’s Tandava sets the rhythm of our cosmos. You can perceive the dance of Shiva in the movement of the sun, the moon, the stars and in the waves of the ocean.

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Within Four Walls

Define a home. What does that even mean? Have you ever wondered what a home is or what defines your home?

I know most of you would say home is NOT four walls, because that’s what we have been reading everywhere. But I say home is exactly that. Four walls!

It is the comfort that those four walls offer to cry shamelessly or the freedom to fart as loudly and as smelly as you want…home is your world within those four walls! Outside them, it’s not home. So yes, for me my home is those four walls!

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It was almost a month since Sunil had migrated to the city in search of some work. After the stillness of his village, the traffic, the crowds, and the vastness of the city had scared him for a while. But soon he fell in love with the Life of this city. Most of all. with the lifelines of this hustling-bustling city, the trains! Continue reading Accepted

The fate bleeds…

I had written this earlier, but this seems to go perfect with Sue‘s Photo Prompt for this week. Hope you guys like it. 🙂

He playfully ruffles my hair, leans in closer to kiss my forehead but suddenly stops short. I hold his gaze and watch as the ghost of the laugh we just shared gets eclipsed by intense thoughts. I know what he is thinking…and maybe he is right. Continue reading The fate bleeds…

A Rainy Day

I can’t tone down my excitement or my love for the rains. Especially when it pours and pours, and presents with unexpected holidays! It has been raining cats and dogs for the past two days. I think for the very first – in my memory – the “lifeline of Mumbai”, the Mumbai Local trains, have come to a full stop – quite literally. But that hadn’t stopped us Mumbaikars from trying to get to the office. I don’t frankly know whether its the love for office or the need of an adventure of having travelled in torrential rains or the crumbling necessity to earn, that prompts us to get out of the comforts of our homes and get stuck in the downpour. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Mumbaikar went out and got stuck.  Continue reading A Rainy Day


Rain Rain…

The first drops of heavenly nectar fall freely from the dark grey clouds leaving the soil wet, the trees green, the air fresh with the natural fragrance and the breeze cool. The farmers rejoice at last and the plough is employed, the bulls thrust through the wet earth. Sadly, now the mangoes will disappear There is a new freshness and enthusiasm in the atmosphere. Continue reading Rain Rain…

Vasudev in my neighbourhood

“Sakal chya pari hari naam bola….vasudev ala re vasudev ala….”

This morning as I was hurrying around my house getting ready to leave for my office I heard a beautiful voice, loud and clear, singing from the streets below. A ‘Vasudev’ was singing away to the rhythm of chiplya.
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Sion my love…my pride. Thank you for everything!

Sion. I hated my topic for Surface Exploration Project in Modern Archaeology. I was absolutely certain there won’t be anything unique or interesting about the sleepy town of Sion. And boy…how wrong was I!

My research project on Sion was a huge success and has been the turning point of my life. Quite literally. From getting my research published in Bombay Local History Society’s Journal to conducting a Heritage Walk for UNESCO, Sion has given me a lot of triumphs!

ये एक पोस्ट मेरे सायन के नाम…Here’s a sneak-peek into Sion!
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Ten Commandments of Mumbai Locals #2

Mumbai locals, a much clichéd topic in a Mumbaikar’s life! Nearly everyone has at least once travelled in the cramp packed ‘life-line’ of Mumbai. Spread over 465 kilometres, the suburban railway operates 2,342 train services and carries more than 7.5 million commuters daily. It is one of the busiest commuter rail systems in the world! Continue reading Ten Commandments of Mumbai Locals #2