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Super Snow Moon 2019

I’m such a “Wow! Look at the moon” person. I’m totally engrossed by its presence in the night skies. I have a habit to look up and search for this beauty every time I step out. Living amidst the urban jungle, it gets difficult to spot him on some nights. But whenever I find him peeping from behind the buildings, I’m filled with fascination and awe…Illuminant and beautiful in all of its glory! Continue reading Super Snow Moon 2019

Deer? Rabbit? What do you see on the Moon?

Have you ever looked up at the moon and seen a rabbit or a hare? For some reason I see something that resembles a Mickey-Mouse walking! Or perhaps Bugs Bunny – which is a rabbit per say but not the conventional one that the rest see…well, did you know there are many legends around the world about this rabbit that lives on the moon?
Continue reading Deer? Rabbit? What do you see on the Moon?