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“How come you stand by the door these days?”
“Now I’m confident that I won’t jump from a running train…” Continue reading Assurance

Struggling with PCOS #2

After I wrote about my experience of struggling with PCOS, I got many messages from women all around the world talking about their struggles in handling the problems associated with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome. While interacting with them I realised the blatant need to tackle this lifestyle disease. Each woman I talked with had different symptoms and has gone through a variety of medical treatments. But the bottom line continued to remain the same: The lack of cure or a permanent treatment for PCOS is frustrating every one of us.
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Struggling with PCOS

Periods. Menstruation. Chums. Monthly cycle. There are just so many names. A phenomenon which is as natural to girls as breathing; though not as easy. Lots have been said and much more shushed as taboo about this “girl’s problem”. Continue reading Struggling with PCOS

Marked Apart

We just celebrated World Autism Day on 2nd of April. I know I’m late in posting…but this poem and the incident that led to it is very close to my heart and I was very sceptical about sharing it. But I guess people who are affected with any kind of a mental distress should be supported in any which way possible. And this is my way for extending a helping hand.
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