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I Left my heart behind

“Life is short and the world too wide!”

Beginning since 1980, 27th September of every year is celebrated as the World Tourism Day. The goal was to create awareness among the international community about the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. Each country has a beautiful and magnificent history and many awe-inspiring places; We all want to tick all of them off our bucket list…and we will.

Let’s celebrate World Tourism Day with an ode to all those  beautiful places that we have to visit yet and all those which have already stolen our hearts… To all those struck with the wanderlust, here’s something that you all will relate too.

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Drifting Woods

via Daily Prompt: Distant

Some love stories are meant to be incomplete…

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Just a Name…


What’s in the name? , they say
But a name can make your day
Just a random name it is
But it reminds you of your first kiss

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तुझी आठवण..

“There are memories that time does not erase… Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable.”
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अजून खूप जगायचंय

<3 <3 A poem very close to my heart and filled with memories. <3 <3 Your मन्या is writing and publishing regularly Aaji… :*
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via Daily Prompt: Shimmer
Today is World Lazy Day!! This day I can actually celebrate being my lazy-ass-me 😀  Yay! Had I known it before I left for work, I would have gladly gone back to sleep. But unfortunately, I came to work today. I’m working – much against my will- but yeah working!
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Cookie Jars

via Daily Prompt: Hidden
How normal is it to store bits of scrap!
I’m sure all of us have a box stashed away somewhere which is filled with some random-est of stuffs. Broken toys, birthday cards, first love letter, marbles, pens, bottle corks, key-chains, lose pearls and many of such seemingly useless things. They are like evidences of the life that is now lost to us; filled with bittersweet memories of our childhood, our first love, our first broken heart, of people with whom we are no longer in touch. Continue reading Cookie Jars

Secret of the Winds: #writephoto

via Thursday Photo Prompt: Peace #writephoto
I have decided to try my hand at one of these Photo Challenges. So basically we have to compose a prose or poetry that suits the image/photo. This Photo was posted by Sue Vincent and here’s what it inspired me to write!
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via Photo Challenge: Transient
Sometimes I wish I could go back, rewind my life and press pause. I want to be little again!
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Keep your Love on Loop

via Daily Prompt: Loop

“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.”    ~ Erich Segal

I happened to read this quote somewhere today. How true it is! Love just slowly washes over you; consuming every inch of your body and soul. You are not even sure how or when you fell for that stranger. You just did.
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