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नातं तुझं माझं

People ask me why my poems are full of unfulfilled love. Always asking if I am sad, hurt or just incapable of writing anything remotely happy. But I think there’s a certain kind of beauty in sadness. There is beauty in longings and beauty in separations. Here’s yet another poem and yes as always it is a bit sad. It talks about tainted unfulfilled love and of loneliness that follows after a blissful union. Hope you all like it.
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आज पुन्हा

If I knew that the last time I met you would be the last time ever, I would have never let you go… Continue reading आज पुन्हा

अजून खूप जगायचंय

<3 <3 A poem very close to my heart and filled with memories. <3 <3 Your मन्या is writing and publishing regularly Aaji… :*
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This day That year

via Daily Prompt: Disastrous
How, why and when it happened I don’t know. It just did. Whole day today I tried my best not to think about it. Tried not to think of that beautiful rainy day, about that mere coincidence of random events but most importantly about you!
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It’s raining! Plitter-platter plitter-platter…oh the sound!
The weather is so beautiful that it almost hurts. I love the rains but hate the way they make me nostalgic. It’s like stepping upon a piece of lego, particularly on one that you never knew were missing in first place. Continue reading Nostalgia