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Falling in love is easy, but falling out of it is next to impossible. I don’t think you do really fall out of love with someone. You just get used to their absence. But somewhere in the deep recesses of your heart you still do foster the ruins of the love that once was…. Continue reading अजूनही…

आज पुन्हा

If I knew that the last time I met you would be the last time ever, I would have never let you go… Continue reading आज पुन्हा

मै शायर तो नाही #2

Poetry is an escape. You may or need not be a poet per say but some unsaid words and unexpressed emotions can make you one. You can easily unshed your feelings in words than in tears. Most importantly, it’s easier to disown your pain when you hide behind fancy words. Your feelings are masked better in similes and metaphors. Continue reading मै शायर तो नाही #2

All bets are off… #writephoto

Yet another beautiful Photo prompt by Sue. Here’s a short story of a love that was lost and found! Because sometimes…you can find happiness in the same place you lose it. 🙂 Continue reading All bets are off… #writephoto


via Daily Prompt: Bliss
Love makes and breaks you. It leaves you a totally different person! It’s all good when you are happily in love, but when it goes downside…you are stranded in a too familiar looking world. Every nook and corner of which keeps reminding you of the Blissful time that you had, all that you were and that you can no longer be…
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Monday Musings

Falling in and out of love seems so very easy when it’s shown in the movies! But is it like that in real life? As easy as switching your emotions on and off. Does going on a solo trip or drinking a lot of alcohol or having flings help?
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This day That year

via Daily Prompt: Disastrous
How, why and when it happened I don’t know. It just did. Whole day today I tried my best not to think about it. Tried not to think of that beautiful rainy day, about that mere coincidence of random events but most importantly about you!
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Stranger once again

Don’t leave me yet
As the night’s still young
And our heart’s song unsung
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Timeless Moments..

What a day today! It’s raining cats and dogs all over Maharashtra and as the ‘life line’ of Mumbai had crumbled, I’m sure most of us would have spent a beautiful day at home, enjoying these torrential rains! Well..I had an amazing day most certainly.
I got stuck, paddled my way through the railway tracks which were waterlogged, made some new friends and finally got home by afternoon. And the rest of the day was very cosy and relaxed. I got to spend time with my family and we played board games! It was amazing and this has inspired me..hope you guys like it 🙂
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Nothing remains then

Heart dies a death, very painful and slow
Shedding every tiny leaf of hope
Until no marks show
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