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Colour of my Soul

It’s holi…the festivals of colours! India has always been a riot of colours. There will be very few countries as colourful as India. These vibrant colours are a common thread that ties together the diversity of our country.


Celebrated with full zest and pomp around the country, Holi is a spring festival that marks the end of winter and the start of a good harvest and fertility. Celebrations start a night before on the full moon where people gather around and pray to a ritual bonfire. The next day is filled with fun and frolic where people smear each other with colours and drench each other with water guns and water-filled balloons.


In my childhood it meant a lot fun and laughter. We spent days strategically planning our “water balloon fights” and other activities. This 1 day festival lasted a week for us. It meant scoldings for getting drenched every evening (it’s exam season this time around), buying colours, eating Holi special sweets and dishes, and so much more fun!  Continue reading Colour of my Soul


She stood at the window staring out at the vast expanse of the sky. Her eyes reflected the crystal blue canopy. There was not a single trace of the last night’s storm.

The clear skies and calmness that followed after the thunderstorms always amazed her. She found strength in that.

If the skies could scream, bleed and cry the whole night and still be this calm and beautiful the next morning…then so could she!


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Turning Pages

Each day is a new leaf in your life’s book. A new start to make right the mistakes of yesterday, to amend your ways, a chance at something bigger and better. A chance to rewrite your lost yesterday today. Continue reading Turning Pages

Do you?

I always wanted a love as subtle and earnest like that of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. I found my Mr Darcy too…but not everyone gets a perfect ending. Lizzy and Darcy got their happily ever after but I, like Catherine and Heathcliff, have suffered endlessly to be with you. Continue reading Do you?

Waves #writephoto

Photo prompt by Sue:
Most of the nights I lay awake in my bed
Too drained to think or feel
My eyes stinging with unshed tears
My heart crippled by a storm of fears
Continue reading Waves #writephoto