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It's Magical!

via Photo Challenge: Satisfaction
Nothing fills my soul like dancing! The Satisfaction and bliss that I get after a few odd minutes of dancing is enough to charge me up after a long and a dull day at work. Sharing with you a pic from one of my dance shows.
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Just Too Naive

“When you like a flower you Pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily” ~ Gautam Buddha

But what if you are watering a dead plant? Or killing the plant with excess of water?  When and how do you know that what you are doing is enough? Not less not more. Just enough.Where you do draw a line?
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A Lazy Summer Day

via Daily Prompt: Sunny
In India the sweltering hot summers are finally over and the beautiful monsoon has set in. But the grey, wet and humid weather makes one miss the long warm summers. Continue reading A Lazy Summer Day

A Lost Life

via Daily Prompt: Blossom
A Lost Life
Life is often lost
In words that are left unsaid
And in books stacked away unread
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People Ruin Things

via Daily Prompt: Puncture
This is so f*****g true! People just exist to Puncture your bubble of happiness.
No one and nothing is perfect, I get that. But don’t we try to create those happy and wonderful moments. Don’t we try our best to be in happy relationships?
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Fate has no Reprieve

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve
“Necessity is harsh, Fate has no Reprieve” – Euripides
This month has just proved this quote to be true. Truly fate has no reprieve. Life is so uncertain you actually don’t know what’s in store for you. Are we going to be alive the next morning to turn off the alarm that we have set? Which moment, which action is going to definitely seal our inevitable death? When will we breathe our last! We don’t know anything. Nothing is certain.
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