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Bhondla: the lesser known ‘Navratri-special’ folk tradition

Amidst the excitement and colours of Navratri and the intoxicating beats of Dandiya Raas and Garba, my heart travels back to the fun filled times when my evenings were spent singing and dancing to the various folk songs such as ‘Ailama Pailama Ganesh Deva…’

As the Ashwin month of Hindu calendar sets in, India comes alive with auspicious pujas and the nights are vibrant with lights, music, and life! In today’s times Navratri resonates with the clicking of the Dandiyas and the beautifully coloured Garba pots or the mystical Durga pujas with the swirling and graceful dances. But there’s yet another folk tradition that is typically celebrated during Navratri.


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World Elephant Day: Elephants and India!

Who doesn’t love elephants? This massive yet cute animal has captured our hearts since our childhood. All authoritative “Hathi” from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle book, the obedient pet “Shep” from George of the Jungle, the cute baby elephant “Dumbo” with abnormally large ears, “Heffalumps” from Winne the Pooh, Dr. Seuss’ elephant “Horton” just so many of them, each uniquely beautiful.


Elephants play a very important role in many cultures and traditions. But we do not have to go deep into the “cultural” and “religious” significance of these majestic animals to understand why they are such a hit with the public! Just type ‘elephant’ in your Google search and you will find so many adorable videos and images of elephants. Right from the “Manny” of Ice Age (although Manny is a mammoth) to “Snorky” of the Banana Splits Club, our cartoons, movies and Facebook walls are full of cute elephants. Today we find elephants all over the social media, but in the ancient and the medieval times, they adorned various paintings, sculptures and coins!

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