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Travel Stories and Histories – The Stone Chariot, Hampi

Writing about my past travels is kind of making the lack of travelling more bearable but it’s also reminding me about how much I love to travel and then I’m missing it more…Urghhh such useless times! But anyway, C’est la vie – at least right now. So continuing with my travel stories.

Today I take you to my favourite state, Karnataka. I have travelled there five times now and each visit has just made me want to go back. I love the food, I love the people, I love all the dynasties that ruled there and all the resulting histories and heritages. Out of all the treasures, today we visit an iconic monument of Karnataka: The Stone Chariot of Hampi

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Lockdown Diaries – Happy Feet

Dance is like a therapy to our mind, body, and spirit. It was a much-needed stress reliever during this period of restrictions. I love to dance and I am a professionally trained Kathak dancer. And with a little bit of extra time on hand (thanks to the lockdown), I found myself dancing…

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List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India – Part VII

We have been looking at various sites that find a mention in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. I’m extremely sorry to have kept postponing the last part of the series for so long again. But I was really caught up in work. Hope you guys are still interested in knowing the latest additions to the UNESCO list from India.

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Lists of UNESCO World Heritage Site of India – Part V

Continuing our journey of the Indian Subcontinent we will relive some really fascinating heritage sites of the country. India is a culturally rich country. People from different religions, castes and ethnic groups reside in our country adding to its vibrancy and diversity. Each ethnic group in our country has its own tale of origin and its set of unique traditions and culture.


Hoot…Hoot…fasten your seat belts!


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List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India – Part III

India, being one of the oldest civilisations of the world, has no shortage of history and heritage. It is the birth place of legends and a cradle of various religions and culture. We have discussed twelve breath-taking architectural and natural sites in past two blogs (You can find their links at the end). Now let’s continue forward with our journey.

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List of UNESCO World Heritage Site – Part II

Along with its peculiar melange of cultures and traditions, India has wide spectrum of flora and fauna too. Being the seventh largest country of the world, India has a variety of geographical zones with at least three major biodiversity hotspots. It is also one of the 17 mega-diverse countries of the world.  So it’s no surprise that Natural Sites of India have found its way into List of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the last blog we discussed six out of 38 UNESCO sites of India. Today let’s continue the journey!

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Kojagiri Pornima: Harnessing the Full Moon magic!

India is a land of festivals and celebrations; and the zest with which each festival is celebrated in India is unparalleled in the whole world. The festive season that has started with Ganesh Chaturthi in the month of September, will now continue till the end of the year. The coming months will be alive with festivals like Navratri, Dussehra, and Diwali.

One of the lesser known festivals is the one that is celebrated during the ‘Sharad Ritu’ or ‘Autumn Season’. The full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin is celebrated as the Kojagiri Purnima or Sharad Purnima. It is a harvest festival that marks the end of the monsoon season. Continue reading Kojagiri Pornima: Harnessing the Full Moon magic!


Bhondla: the lesser known ‘Navratri-special’ folk tradition

Amidst the excitement and colours of Navratri and the intoxicating beats of Dandiya Raas and Garba, my heart travels back to the fun filled times when my evenings were spent singing and dancing to the various folk songs such as ‘Ailama Pailama Ganesh Deva…’

As the Ashwin month of Hindu calendar sets in, India comes alive with auspicious pujas and the nights are vibrant with lights, music, and life! In today’s times Navratri resonates with the clicking of the Dandiyas and the beautifully coloured Garba pots or the mystical Durga pujas with the swirling and graceful dances. But there’s yet another folk tradition that is typically celebrated during Navratri.


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Messenger of the Gods… #writephoto

via Thursday Photo Prompt: Messenger #writephoto

A Pitru Paksha special Re-post!

Piyru paksha (Pitri paksha or Pitr Paksha) is a 16–lunar day period in Hindu calendar when Hindus pay homage to their ancestor, especially through food offerings.

This was written for yet another Photo Prompt which was posted by Sue Vincent. This article will give a little insight in the mythological and cultural significance of a crow.
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Ganapati Bappa…Morya!

via Photo Challenge: Heritage
I never get tired of talking about the Indian culture and heritage. And this weeks’ photo challenge has given me yet another reason to flaunt about this wonderful country. There are so many Indian things that resonate with the word Heritage. I had a difficult time choosing from loads of images of different food items, monuments, dresses and so much more.
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