• Tainted Love


    They say ‘When the time’s right, things will work out. Trust the timing of your life.’ But what if life has it all wrong? What if what was actually meant to be will…

  • Tainted Love

    Courage of Desire

    How beautiful it feels to be in love. Especially when you experience such feelings for the very first time. Its actually like a scene out of a movie. Everything seems just perfect. Sharing…

  • maybe
    Tainted Love


    Love is many things. It’s the thin line that separates black from white and sometimes the seconds pause in the yes and the no. It’s the answer to all the questions and sometimes…

  • hope
    Tainted Love


    And the wait seems to be endless Each meet seemed to be getting smaller and smaller Each time he felt emotions he had never felt before Each second made her real than the…