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Something New!

So, these past few days I’m trying my hand at Photoshop. It’s way beyond my comprehensive capacities but still, I’m trying 😛

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A Walk back in time

History is a beautiful subject but we hardly ever take it out of the textbooks! If you ask me history is such an engaging pursuit that if taught right, can create a great amount of interest in students. The right guidance can get the students to see the unseen, to go beyond the facades and perceive the meaning of the hidden stories. History has the potential of creating better future citizens of the world as a cross-cultural awareness while finding our roots will definitely prove to be of help in a world which is being torn apart based on religious and cultural differences.
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Wordless Wednesdays #3

“There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart….” ~  Sarah Dessen

And a heart which loves to get lost in hobbies stays young forever!

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