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Struggling with PCOS #2

After I wrote about my experience of struggling with PCOS, I got many messages from women all around the world talking about their struggles in handling the problems associated with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome. While interacting with them I realised the blatant need to tackle this lifestyle disease. Each woman I talked with had different symptoms and has gone through a variety of medical treatments. But the bottom line continued to remain the same: The lack of cure or a permanent treatment for PCOS is frustrating every one of us.
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Struggling with PCOS

Periods. Menstruation. Chums. Monthly cycle. There are just so many names. A phenomenon which is as natural to girls as breathing; though not as easy. Lots have been said and much more shushed as taboo about this “girl’s problem”. Continue reading Struggling with PCOS

Daily Prompt: Bumble

via Daily Prompt: Bumble
I was originally going to write about Oliver Twist and Mr. Bumble. But then I found this!
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