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Tune out…

via Daily Prompt: Volume
Switch off all the devices, turn that Volume down. Concentrate on your breathing, have a look around and see how many missed calls and unread messages you have from the universe!
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Just a little "Umph"

via Daily Prompt: Triumph

The only difference between ‘Try’ and Triumph is a little “umph” ~ Marvin Philips

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Friends At Gunpoint!

via Daily Prompt: Uniform
Running around in the paddy fields they spent their evenings practicing for the Army recruitments. Together they dreamt of becoming Soldiers to protect and fight for their beloved motherland, shoulder to shoulder.
But little did they know that their country would be partitioned one day and that fate would bring them face to face in the most unaccepted manner…
In a Uniform facing each other at a gunpoint!

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Playing "House"

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary
Siblings and cousins are the first friends that we have! I’m sure all of us would have crazy stories about all the times that we spent with them. I have a list of stupid things that we did and still do! Every vacation I used to look forward to meeting up with my cousins cause it meant that my sister and I could do a lot things which were a strict no-no during the school days.
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Beautiful Skies

via Daily Prompt: Trace
She stood at the window staring out at the vast expanse of the sky, her eyes reflecting the crystal blue canopy. There was not a Trace of the last night’s storm. The clear skies and calmness that followed after the thunderstorms always amazed her.
She found strength in that. If the skies could scream, bleed and cry the whole night and still be this calm and beautiful the next morning then so could she!

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via Daily Prompt: Buff
“Civilisations aren’t remembered by their business people, Bankers or lawyers. They’re remembered by their art.”  – Eli Broad.
And where’s the best place to obverse these arts than at a museum! Museums, a place where the dead comes to life, are repositories of artistic, cultural, tangible and intangible heritage of a country. India being a country of much celebrated history and past, has innumerable artefacts of beauty and importance and hence has a lot of museums too.
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Monsoon Greys

via Daily Prompt: Detonate
Each morning I’m greeted by the lovely sight of grey monsoon skies. These huge water balloons float in every day waiting to Detonate! And I’m literally dying to hear the familiar plitter-platter.
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Fate has no Reprieve

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve
“Necessity is harsh, Fate has no Reprieve” – Euripides
This month has just proved this quote to be true. Truly fate has no reprieve. Life is so uncertain you actually don’t know what’s in store for you. Are we going to be alive the next morning to turn off the alarm that we have set? Which moment, which action is going to definitely seal our inevitable death? When will we breathe our last! We don’t know anything. Nothing is certain.
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Survival Kit 101

For me, Music works for every kind of shit. Whether it is a particularly rough day at work or a stupid baseless fight with my sister, anything can be washed away with good music. I need music to Survive!
“One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley
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"Imprint of a departed soul"

via Daily Prompt: Impression
I know this doesn’t actually fit. But from the time that I have read today’s prompt, all I can think about is a particularly hilarious bit from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
This scene just cracks me up every time I read Half Blood Prince and I have read it more than a dozen of times! I’m a Harry Potter fan through and through (Not obsessed with it but). And Ron Weasley is one of my favourite characters. He is witty, hilarious and has some awesome retorts all the time!
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