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Cookie Jars

via Daily Prompt: Hidden
How normal is it to store bits of scrap!
I’m sure all of us have a box stashed away somewhere which is filled with some random-est of stuffs. Broken toys, birthday cards, first love letter, marbles, pens, bottle corks, key-chains, lose pearls and many of such seemingly useless things. They are like evidences of the life that is now lost to us; filled with bittersweet memories of our childhood, our first love, our first broken heart, of people with whom we are no longer in touch. Continue reading Cookie Jars

This day That year

via Daily Prompt: Disastrous
How, why and when it happened I don’t know. It just did. Whole day today I tried my best not to think about it. Tried not to think of that beautiful rainy day, about that mere coincidence of random events but most importantly about you!
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via Daily Prompt: Caper
“How far are you going baba?”
“Very far away!”, He replied tickling her.
Little Munni Capered off giggling, how was she to know that her dad was saying his goodbyes before he hanged himself.

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A Lazy Summer Day

via Daily Prompt: Sunny
In India the sweltering hot summers are finally over and the beautiful monsoon has set in. But the grey, wet and humid weather makes one miss the long warm summers. Continue reading A Lazy Summer Day

Keep your Love on Loop

via Daily Prompt: Loop

“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.”    ~ Erich Segal

I happened to read this quote somewhere today. How true it is! Love just slowly washes over you; consuming every inch of your body and soul. You are not even sure how or when you fell for that stranger. You just did.
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And we Peed!

via Daily Prompt: Relieved
The poem that I’m sharing today was composed by me way back in 2009! I just had discovered this new talent in me and this is my 6th piece of creative writing ever.
So…the inspiration behind this is an incident from a trek. You will give the gist of it as you read through.
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A Lost Life

via Daily Prompt: Blossom
A Lost Life
Life is often lost
In words that are left unsaid
And in books stacked away unread
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Cherry Tree ~ Ruskin Bond

via Daily Prompt: Create
Ever since I read today’s prompt, a short story by Ruskin Bond “The Cherry Tree” has been on my mind. I remember reading the story during my English Class in school and I instantly fell in love with the story, the author and the mountains! So much so that I wanted to live in Mussoorie and have my own garden of cherry trees. Each story of Bond has made me fall in love with him and his portrayal of rural India.
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People Ruin Things

via Daily Prompt: Puncture
This is so f*****g true! People just exist to Puncture your bubble of happiness.
No one and nothing is perfect, I get that. But don’t we try to create those happy and wonderful moments. Don’t we try our best to be in happy relationships?
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The Boat

via Daily Prompt: Taper
This time I have tried my hand at #PhotoChallenge and also tried to incorporate today’s Daily Prompt into it.
The photo was posted on Creative Siba and he had invited poems on his River shot of a boat in the beautiful Sunderban Delta. So here’s my poem…
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