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To my Dad

Re-posting this on Father’s Day! Love you dad… <3


Here’s my entry for the Daily Writing Prompt that Christine E. Ray is hosting on her blog Brave and the Reckless. The prompt for today was tittle of the children book by Eric Carie “Papa, please get me the moon”.

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Idiot Box

Today it’s Netflix, Hotstar, and Prime, of what TV was when I was a kid.

I remember rushing home from school to catch an episode of Mowgli or Son Pari or Pokemon before we were off to play. The craze had yet to grip us fully. We still played as every 90s kid played. But the world of TV was a fascination. As we grew up, we slowly moved from Cartoon Network and Pogo to V Channel, MTv, and were totally engrossed in tons of hindi/marathi serials that played on tv; singing the tittle tracks, role playing. The break-time in between our outdoor games were spent discussing the plots and characters. We didn’t noticed when this “reel world” became a real one for us.

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Etched #writephoto

“How many times had I carved out our names on my college desks. Our initials enclosed in hearts are eternally etched even if you and me are no longer there. “

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Down The Memory Lane…

We all have that one special place where we live and re-live our lives. A place where, when with our people, we are at peace.
For me, its a beautiful house in a equally beautiful and small village of Konkan, Burambad. It is a place which, every year that I have been visiting, has remained exactly the same. Frozen in time and space.  This is the place about which I used to write essays when in school, draw about in drawing classes. Continue reading Down The Memory Lane…

Scattered memories #writephoto

“That’s a rabbit! Can you see it Uncle Sam?” chimed Jenny.
“No. Where is it?”
“There right there in front of you, hahahaha…look” she tugged at his face with her small hands, guiding it to a spot on the ceiling.
She and Uncle Sam were lying on the dinning room floor engaged in their favourite pass time – tracing shapes and stories formed on the ceiling by the chandelier.

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This is to all the friends I have had so far. Even the ones that I no longer talk with. Thank you for the part you played in my life. I don’t want to put up photos of my friends and flaunt about how they are my “life” and my “soul mates” and blah blah blah. Because that would just be a shallow exaggeration!
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Cookie Jars

via Daily Prompt: Hidden
How normal is it to store bits of scrap!
I’m sure all of us have a box stashed away somewhere which is filled with some random-est of stuffs. Broken toys, birthday cards, first love letter, marbles, pens, bottle corks, key-chains, lose pearls and many of such seemingly useless things. They are like evidences of the life that is now lost to us; filled with bittersweet memories of our childhood, our first love, our first broken heart, of people with whom we are no longer in touch. Continue reading Cookie Jars


via Photo Challenge: Transient
Sometimes I wish I could go back, rewind my life and press pause. I want to be little again!
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All Lined Up!

via Daily Prompt: Bottle
No summer is complete without the colourful “Baraf ka Golas” (ice pops)! The sound of the steel Bottle opener against the glass bottles on a particularly hot afternoon is perfect to shake awake our drowsy souls.
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Playing "House"

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary
Siblings and cousins are the first friends that we have! I’m sure all of us would have crazy stories about all the times that we spent with them. I have a list of stupid things that we did and still do! Every vacation I used to look forward to meeting up with my cousins cause it meant that my sister and I could do a lot things which were a strict no-no during the school days.
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