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Travel Theme: Steps

So, I just now found this new weekly photo challenge posted by Ailsa and this week’s theme is Steps!! Sharing with you a few clicks from my numerous travels.
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Class Trip

What a day it was! Along with my regular job as a Researcher and a Content Writer, I do teach History to 12th Std students at an arts academy. And today we visited Kanheri caves as a field trip. Here’s a little something about Kanheri:
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Religion or Farce?

via Daily Prompt: Farce
India, a spiritual hub of the world since ancient times, is loosing touch with its deeply rooted philosophical and religious traditions. A country whose religion and philosophy evolved as an enquiry into the  mysteries that lay beyond life and death, is quickly descending into the abyss of materialistic superstitions.
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Buddhist View on Love and Attachment

The Valentine’s Day of this year is just behind us. The entire social media was steaming with images, quotes, trolls and many things about being in love or being single. Bless the ones who have found their ‘happily ever after’. Hope they stay the same forever. However there are many who have lost their love.

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Buddhist Personality Analysis: Queen Mallika

As a part of my Masters in Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology I ha presented this paper in “Antarvasikanam Pali Parisa”.
Queen Mallika:
Besides those who embraced homelessness and became Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis, there were large numbers of men and women who took to Buddha Dhamma in their lay-life. These people supported the Sangha in various ways; and more importantly, they tried putting into practice the teachings of the Buddha in their day-to-day lives. It was because of them that even after the monasteries disappeared from India, the teachings of Buddha are still deeply rooted in the Indian society.
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