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Happy 3 years of Blogging to me!

It’s 3 YEARS already! 🙂 🙂
So WordPress reminded me that I have been blogging for 3 whole years now! I can’t believe that. The journey has been amazing and there’s definitely an improvement in my writing style, or I would like to think so 😛

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Love is many things. It’s the thin line that separates black from white and sometimes the seconds pause in the yes and the no. It’s the answer to all the questions and sometimes the cause of a millions of them. It’s the comfort in the thundering storms and at the same time a whirlpool of crazy emotions. Love is the hope of seeking something more; a possibility, a dream…a maybe!

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When the Heavens open up #writephoto

Participating in Sue‘s Photo Prompt after a long gap. Been quite a lot busy with stuff (no time to get creative). Well, the photo resonates with a poem that I composed back on 2nd of August in 2009 (God..this habit of putting dates on my write-ups is actually kind of cool)! The poem was composed following a particularly amazing monsoon trek. The rains, the fog, the climb…everything was just wonderful. Even today if I close my eyes, I get transported to that day. It was just perfect. Hope you guys enjoy it…
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Waves #writephoto

Photo prompt by Sue:
Most of the nights I lay awake in my bed
Too drained to think or feel
My eyes stinging with unshed tears
My heart crippled by a storm of fears
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If Only I had wings #writephoto

This Photo prompt by Sue made me dig out my old dairy. The photo resonated with my second attempt at writing poems. The piece that I’m sharing today was composed back in 2008! That’s a decade ago..wow!
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Sands of Time #writephoto

I’m participating in Sue‘s Photo prompt after such a long time. It feels good to get back to blogging after a long break. So here’s my piece. Enjoy it guys! 🙂
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Let's hear it!

I have been blogging for quite some time now and have gathered a few genuine readers. As important it is to keep writing my heart’s many eccentricities, it is equally important (if not more) to get honest feedback. Because I feel reviews and feedback are a very essential part of personal development. Continue reading Let's hear it!

Into the Woods #writephoto

Yet another beautiful Photo Prompt posted by Sue Vincent. To be frank this photo made me miss trekking and all those camping trips that I had. It has inspired to me really think about shifting my schedule to make trekking possible again. But that’s not what I have written about… Continue reading Into the Woods #writephoto

मैं शायर तो नहीं

People who know me know that my Hindi is comical (definitely not a thing to be proud and I’m not). While speaking I forget half of the words and for the other half I end up using Marathi substitutes 😛 So it generally is a task for the other person to decipher what I mean to say.
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Adulting is one of the stupidest thing that all of us are stuck doing! Every one complains about it, every one wants to run away from it, every one thinks it’s a hell of thing yet still…here we all are Adulting!
Why God WHYYYY……?!?!?!
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