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Four Years of Blogging!

So WordPress reminded me a few days ago that I have been blogging for 4 whole years now! Wow that’s great isn’t it??


Thank you all for making this possible. Without your love reflecting in my ever-growing viewership and follow count, I wouldn’t have had the inspiration required to keep growing! Cheers to you all…Keep showering your support always 🙂

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Iti Haas: as it happened!

History, an elementary narration of a labyrinthine past! How I love this subject…The sheer multitude of complex past stories and their implications in our present lives is something that just overwhelms me.
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A revolutionary tale for the people who dare who “accept” their choices!

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Celebrating the National Science Day

Science holds great importance in our lives. Science is the basis for anything and everything that exists. It has answers to every question that arises out of curiosity. And for the answers that still don’t exist, they will soon be discovered by a brilliant scientist who is sitting in the corner of his room or laboratory, dedicating his entire life to finding the right one.

Since the beginning, India has had a strong tradition of science and technology. It was a land of sages and seers, the land of scholars and scientists India has produced some of the greatest scientists in the world.

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Bottomless Abyss

When you have friends that match your weirdness and eccentricities, random poetry challenges are born.

This poem was composed as a response to a friend’s “brainwave”. So the challenge was to compose a poem starting with “you tell me that I’m hopeless” and end it with “how much I liked to breathe”.

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The Game

We often say “It’s not a child’s play, Life-and-Death”.

But what if all of this is just a game? And we are merely a pawn on someone’s chess board?

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How are your resolutions shaping up?

Each year around the New Years Eve we all get extremely creative and ambitious about our New Year’s resolutions. There’s a great deal of magical thinking that goes around. Some of our resolution lists run longer than our shopping lists. Continue reading How are your resolutions shaping up?


Inspirations are hard to find. There are very few numbers of people, incidences and things that inspire us to the point of action and implementation.  Continue reading Inspiration

Something New!

So, these past few days I’m trying my hand at Photoshop. It’s way beyond my comprehensive capacities but still, I’m trying 😛

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Resolutions? Resolutions!

A very Happy New Year to all my blogging friends! Hope this year brings out the best in you! Continue reading Resolutions? Resolutions!