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नातं तुझं माझं

People ask me why my poems are full of unfulfilled love. Always asking if I am sad, hurt or just incapable of writing anything remotely happy. But I think there’s a certain kind of beauty in sadness. There is beauty in longings and beauty in separations. Here’s yet another poem and yes as always it is a bit sad. It talks about tainted unfulfilled love and of loneliness that follows after a blissful union. Hope you all like it.
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तुझी आठवण..

“There are memories that time does not erase… Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable.”
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Stranger once again

Don’t leave me yet
As the night’s still young
And our heart’s song unsung
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Nothing remains then

Heart dies a death, very painful and slow
Shedding every tiny leaf of hope
Until no marks show
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Buddhist View on Love and Attachment

The Valentine’s Day of this year is just behind us. The entire social media was steaming with images, quotes, trolls and many things about being in love or being single. Bless the ones who have found their ‘happily ever after’. Hope they stay the same forever. However there are many who have lost their love.

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