• Tainted Love

    Moonless Night

    Trying to challenge me by pushing me out of my writing comfort zones. I have discovered some potentials in me. So happy… 🙂 Here’s another try at poetry. Hope you guys like it!

  • Tainted Love

    Bottomless Abyss

    When you have friends that match your weirdness and eccentricities, random poetry challenges are born. This poem was composed as a response to a friend’s “brainwave”. So the challenge was to compose a…

  • "Its all relative"

    Be a Star!

    “What goes around comes around” For a few years, I was so depressed! Everything in my life seemed to have taken a turn for the worst. My college life sucked so much that…

  • "Its all relative"

    The Game

    We often say “It’s not a child’s play, Life-and-Death”. But what if all of this is just a game? And we are merely a pawn on someone’s chess board?

  • Micro Blogs


    Inspirations are hard to find. There are very few numbers of people, incidences and things that inspire us to the point of action and implementation. 

  • Tainted Love


    She stood at the window staring out at the vast expanse of the sky. Her eyes reflected the crystal blue canopy. There was not a single trace of the last night’s storm. The…