• Indian Culture & History

    Celebrating the Colourful World of Indian Paintings

    India has always been a riot of colours. There will be very few countries as colourful as India. Each region, state, village, and street is animated with colours as if a collage from an art book! There are cities named after colours like Jaipur – The Pink City and Jodhpur – the Blue City of India, etc. Colours and their significance in our day to day life is much a part of our Indian consciousness. Their symbolism stands out and controls every aspect of life in India. These vibrant colours are a common thread that ties together the diversity of our country. This diversity was also evident in India’s art…

  • Indian Culture & History

    Celebrating the Art of Writing and Calligraphy

    The written word has an impact far greater than that what is heard. It has a farther reach, can be authenticated easily and preserved in a better way than just in memory. Communication and transfer of knowledge, in Ancient India, was more popular through oral means. We have a reference in Chanakya Niti, where Chanakya says “Knowledge reduced down to the book, like loaned money, will be of no use in time of need.” However, as time progressed most of the things began to be written down in various texts and treatises, Chanakya Niti included. This art form has served multiple purposes since its inception including the duplication of religious…

  • Indian Culture & History

    Celebrating the Oral Traditions of India

    The World Heritage Week that commenced from yesterday aims at spreading awareness about one’s culture and past. India, being one of the oldest civilisations in the world, has no shortage of history and heritage. Protecting and caring about monuments is relatively easy, but the protection and preservation of intangible heritage is hard. Our abstract ideas, ways of life, religion and traditions form a part of this intangible heritage. One such inseparable part of our “Indian-ness” is the ability to tell stories! We are the most dramatic and animated storytellers of the world. And this oral tradition of bringing alive a story is deeply embedded in our identity as an Indian.

  • Indian Culture & History

    Celebrating World Heritage Week #1

    World Heritage Week, as declared by UNESCO, is celebrated around the world from 19th to 25th of November every year. In a way, we all celebrate our cultural heritage every day, simply by living our lives in a way that represents who we are and where we came from. But one day (18th of April: World Heritage Day) and one week (19th to 25Th November) is set aside each year to celebrate the history and heritage of the entire world.

  • maybe
    Tainted Love


    Love is many things. It’s the thin line that separates black from white and sometimes the seconds pause in the yes and the no. It’s the answer to all the questions and sometimes the cause of a millions of them. It’s the comfort in the thundering storms and at the same time a whirlpool of crazy emotions. Love is the hope of seeking something more; a possibility, a dream…a maybe!

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    Harnessing The Full Moon Magic – By Ashwini Nawathe

    Sharing my Guest Post on this awesome humans blog. Thank you Anindya for hosting me once again. 🙂 Harnessing the Full Moon magic    India is a land of festivals and celebrations, and the zest with which each festival is celebrated in India is unparalleled in the whole world. The festive season that… Source: Harnessing The Full Moon Magic – By Ashwini Nawathe

  • Tainted Love


    Falling in love is easy, but falling out of it is next to impossible. I don’t think you do really fall out of love with someone. You just get used to their absence. But somewhere in the deep recesses of your heart you still do foster the ruins of the love that once was….

  • Indian Culture & History

    Navratri: Veneration of the Primordial Feminine Principle

    India these last few days is alive with auspicious pujas and its the nights are vibrant with lights, music, and life! Navratri, the festival which is celebrated with such pomp and zest in India, is the festival that venerates various forms or avatars of the divine feminism which is the representation of positive celestial energy. Sharada Navratri, a nine-day long festival (Nav = Nine and Ratri = Nights), of which each day is dedicated to the worship of different forms of Shakti (the primordial feminine principle), is celebrated in the bright half of the Hindu calendar month Ashvin, which typically falls in the Gregorian months of September and October.

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    Moments #writephoto

    The Photo Prompt by Sue for this week is so enchanting. The sky seems to shine with all the beautiful colours after the sunset. The moment that follows the sunset is so magically. It holds so many things in it…endings, beginnings, transformations and the pure magic of colours that are splashed on the horizon faraway.  Thanks Sue for such a beautiful click. Here’s my take on it 🙂