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via Daily Prompt: Caper
“How far are you going baba?”
“Very far away!”, He replied tickling her.
Little Munni Capered off giggling, how was she to know that her dad was saying his goodbyes before he hanged himself.

© Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life
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Friends At Gunpoint!

via Daily Prompt: Uniform
Running around in the paddy fields they spent their evenings practicing for the Army recruitments. Together they dreamt of becoming Soldiers to protect and fight for their beloved motherland, shoulder to shoulder.
But little did they know that their country would be partitioned one day and that fate would bring them face to face in the most unaccepted manner…
In a Uniform facing each other at a gunpoint!

© Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life
All Rights Reserved

Beautiful Skies

via Daily Prompt: Trace
She stood at the window staring out at the vast expanse of the sky, her eyes reflecting the crystal blue canopy. There was not a Trace of the last night’s storm. The clear skies and calmness that followed after the thunderstorms always amazed her.
She found strength in that. If the skies could scream, bleed and cry the whole night and still be this calm and beautiful the next morning then so could she!

© Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life
All Rights Reserved

A Beautiful Mess

via Daily Prompt: Exposed

“And I have Exposed myself to art so that my work has something beyond just the usual potter” – Beatrice Wood
We too should expose ourselves to arts and try to engage our minds in creative pursuits. After all what’s the use of being just another drop in the countless streams?
Dare to be different, dare to fall off the map. Acquire a few skills, read a few good books, learn something new!
Maybe then, you will have truly lived your life. Your life may still be a mess…but it will at least be a Beautiful Mess!

A 'Bit of Better Butter'

via Daily Prompt: Better
You may be stuck in a complex situation but sometimes the simplest of  solutions can be as easy as going out to buy some butter! All you need is a fresh start and a fresher perspective!
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Lifestyle Choice!

via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle
“Why Arts though?”
“Well, I want to live and not just make a living!”
True Story. It’s my Lifestyle choice! I’m now an Archaeologist who teaches, dances and blogs…And I am way happier than when I was a Lawyer.

I Panicked!

“So…did you ask her out?”
“Er no…I Panicked!”
Even after growing old together my grandpa is ticklish around grandma!
via Daily Prompt: Panicked

Lose Control

Where’s the fun in life when you try to control it?
Lose Control…Let go! 
Maybe then in the thundering storms, you will find a gust of the wind that will take you to your wildest of dreams!
via Daily Prompt: Control

The World is still an apprentice!

India has always been a land of tolerance! A country that has absorbed and accepted each one. A culturally varied nation with a thriving history of “Pluralism” and the best examples of “Unity in Diversity”.
The concepts to which the wide world is still an apprentice!
via Daily Prompt: Apprentice