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Turning Pages

Each day is a new leaf in your life’s book. A new start to make right the mistakes of yesterday, to amend your ways, a chance at something bigger and better. A chance to rewrite your lost yesterday today. Continue reading Turning Pages


Hugs and kisses to my sis for this beautiful depiction! xoxo

via Daily Prompt: Bite
“Would you like a Bite?”
Enthralled by the vampires and werewolves she read in the books, she offered her innocent heart and soul to a monster.

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Monday Musings

Falling in and out of love seems so very easy when it’s shown in the movies! But is it like that in real life? As easy as switching your emotions on and off. Does going on a solo trip or drinking a lot of alcohol or having flings help?
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Monday Blues…

Hola guys!
Monday morning blues are hitting in. I’ve been working for just over 2 hours now, but I already want to call it a day and go home and sleep! Soooo not ready for a Monday. In fact, I don’t think I’m ready for any day! I just want to cuddle up in my bed with a nice book. Sigh  Things we have to deal with in this stupid adult life! Ufff…
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I’m thinking of sharing my random scribbles and musings on a regular basis now. Here’s a first:
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The Wait

via Photo Challenge: Waiting

Waiting is an occupation. It is having nothing to wait for that is terrible

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It's Magical!

via Photo Challenge: Satisfaction
Nothing fills my soul like dancing! The Satisfaction and bliss that I get after a few odd minutes of dancing is enough to charge me up after a long and a dull day at work. Sharing with you a pic from one of my dance shows.
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Unusual Solitude

via Photo Challenge: Unusual
In a busy and populous city like Mumbai it is Unusual to find empty traffic-free streets, open spaces and beautiful lofty trees, even in the farthest of the suburban areas. Continue reading Unusual Solitude

Daily Prompt: Bumble

via Daily Prompt: Bumble
I was originally going to write about Oliver Twist and Mr. Bumble. But then I found this!
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