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  • "Its all relative"

    Snail Mail

    9th of October of every year is celebrated as World Post Day! In this world of Blogs, Facebooks, WhatsApp, stuff, let’s – for a change – celebrate the “Snail Mail”!   So here’s…

  • "Its all relative"

    Wordless Wednesdays #4

    WPC: Prolific वैशाख वणव्यात सावळया मेघांचे काहूर आमराईत लागली बाप्पाच्या आगमनाची चाहूल. September doesn’t seem so far now. Enjoying the best of both the seasons: Mangoes (summer) and my personal favourite Ganapati Bappa (Monsoon)!…

  • "Its all relative"

    Mirror #writephoto

    Here’s my entry for Sue’s Write Photo Prompt of the week. A very hurried attempt, but hope you guys enjoy it. PURVAJA Women's Beige Colour Short Sleeve Crepe Straight Kurta(Rhythm-Beige-Print) (as of n/a…

  • "Its all relative"

    A Smokescreen

    Hello Peeps! I’m trying a new Photo Challenge today hosted by NEKNEERAJ. It was such an intriguing image… Here’s what it has inspired in me. Hope you all like it.   bioQ Plantable…

  • "Its all relative"

    Goodnight Moon

    Here’s my entry for the Daily Writing Prompt that Christine E. Ray is hosting on her blog Brave and the Reckless. The prompt for today was tittle of the children book by Margaret Wise Brown: ‘Goodnight…