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Poetry Review #2

The poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” composed by Robert Frost in 1922 was published in his New Hampshire volume on 7th March 1923. Each verse follows an ‘a-a-b-a’ rhyme scheme except for the last verse.


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Poetry Review #1

So, I have been thinking of starting a series of blogs reviewing some of my favourite poetries of authors all around the world. I thought of starting of this series with my all time favourite and one of the world’s most prominent polymaths, Rabindranath Tagore.

He was the one who revived Bengali literature, music and other artforms by applying contextual modernism through his teachings and works. He was also the first non-European and 1st Indian to win a noble prize in literature in 1913 and has played an important role in the Renaissance of modern India.

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To my Dad

Re-posting this on Father’s Day! Love you dad… <3


Here’s my entry for the Daily Writing Prompt that Christine E. Ray is hosting on her blog Brave and the Reckless. The prompt for today was tittle of the children book by Eric Carie “Papa, please get me the moon”.

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Ahoy Mates!

I have tried to present the parts of a ship in a creative way by composing a poem. It’s not a very good attempt but… anyway, It was fun! Do let me know if you like it! 🙂

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Women at the Helm!

“Women can sail with same efficiency as male officers, and there should be no discrimination,” the Supreme Court recently said in an historic judgment ruling in favour of permanent commission for women officers in Indian Navy.

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City’s Pulse: Its Rhythm and Movement

The Sea and Mumbai!

Rhythm and movement are fundamental to life. Rhythm pulsates through everything within the vast universe to an atom. It is a source of life, activity and creation. It is said that Shiva’s Tandava sets the rhythm of our cosmos. You can perceive the dance of Shiva in the movement of the sun, the moon, the stars and in the waves of the ocean.

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Clear waters under the bridge!

Admits all the news relating to the death and destruction caused due to the Novel Corona Virus, there lay a small article tucked inconspicuously in a corner of the newspaper announcing that the canals of Venice had beautifully transformed themselves! Our Earth is rejuvenating herself in this man-made lock down phase. Finally, a silver lining to this pandemic! This little bit of positive news is seen as a welcome break in times of such global panic.

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Four Years of Blogging!

So WordPress reminded me a few days ago that I have been blogging for 4 whole years now! Wow that’s great isn’t it??


Thank you all for making this possible. Without your love reflecting in my ever-growing viewership and follow count, I wouldn’t have had the inspiration required to keep growing! Cheers to you all…Keep showering your support always 🙂

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Within Four Walls

Define a home. What does that even mean? Have you ever wondered what a home is or what defines your home?

I know most of you would say home is NOT four walls, because that’s what we have been reading everywhere. But I say home is exactly that. Four walls!

It is the comfort that those four walls offer to cry shamelessly or the freedom to fart as loudly and as smelly as you want…home is your world within those four walls! Outside them, it’s not home. So yes, for me my home is those four walls!

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Snail Mail 101 

So, for a past few weeks I have been writing postcards and letters to friends and newly found penfriends. I have to say, it feels so wonderful! So far, I have written 27 inland letters and 7 Airmails…and as I write this blog, I’m getting more requests from friends, family and unknown ‘friends’ for letters!


Many enthusiasts wanted to know the process of posting a letter. How or where to get postcards? How to write letters? How to send them? What are the charges and blah blah…So I thought I should write the basics of posting postcards or letters.

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