Lockdown Diaries – Happy Feet

Dance is like a therapy to our mind, body, and spirit. It was a much-needed stress reliever during this period of restrictions. I love to dance and I am a professionally trained Kathak dancer. And with a little bit of extra time on hand (thanks to the lockdown), I found myself dancing…

“Dance first, Think later. That’s the natural Order!” ~ Samuel Beckett

Though dancing is something which makes you free and liberates your soul, the essence of a good dance is in its discipline and order. And I found myself wanting the combination of these two contrasts. Dance provided me with a certain structure while it gave me the power to create a safe space for expression of feelings.

In India, dance and music are of a great importance. This non-verbal language of graceful hand gestures, facial expressions, and bodily movements has been passed down from one generation to another through a set of principles based on musical moods and rhythms. Dance for me is like Yoga, an art which strikes a perfect harmony of the mind and body.

I spent days on choreographing and then on recording it. It was a good way to stay motivated, include some physical activity, and – quite literally – dance my blues away!


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