Lockdown Diaries- Whipping Away!

Today, I have planned to start a blog series to share the myriad of activities that I managed to accomplish during the 1st lockdown phase. And it all starts with a cup of coffee!

Lockdown Diaries- Whipping Away!

The worldwide pandemic pause disrupted a major chunk of our daily lives and all of us had to adjust to the new normal. What started out as a fun and much needed break from hectic work routine, soon transpired to be constraining physically, mentally and emotionally. As each passing day seemingly grew longer, a lot of us struggled with the basics. Thankfully, I did not spiral down the rabbit hole, but I had my fair share of lows.

As India stands on the precipice of yet another lockdown, I felt a sudden need to re-organise myself and my daily schedule hoping that this time round I would be in a better shape to face the second wave and the confusing lockdown regulations. A staggering number of close relatives, friends, acquaintances have been tested positive. Some are admitted in hospitals and are seriously affected. I hope each of them recovers soon.

With the cases rising and the lockdown regulations back in place, it will be yet another trying phase. But as I just said, this time round I have decided to have a structure and follow it. Focus on the ups rather than the lows!

So, while I was trying to set my new schedule – I have made sure to keep an hour or two for writing everyday – I have realized that last year despite of being “stuck in the lows” I had managed to do a lot of things!

Work wise it was feat to manage a handful of events online, create a digital database for our museum and archives (work still in progress) and equip myself with a few heritage management skills. This entire process was an interesting one. But that’s a tale for another time.

Today, I have planned to a start a blog series to share the myriad of activities that I managed to accomplish during the 1st lockdown phase. And it all starts with a cup of coffee!

Well, when my sister said “Dalgona Coffee is all that you need in this lockdown” I fell for it!

Just like a lot of people around the world, I (not- so) happily joined in the Dalgona Coffee trend! I might not have indulged myself in this cold coffee delight had it not been for my sister. After a lot of persuading on her part, we set to make a cup for the whole family. Which we soon realized was a huge mistake.

Trying to ready a concoction sufficient enough to make 6 full cups worth of coffee! I have to say, it takes a hell lot of time!

So, yea…we set to whip and it was fun and time flew by (so did my hand, by the way! I swear I can still feel the ghost aches). While it was absolutely orgasmic to watch the videos where the all the ingredients were magically mixed together to create a silky, foamy and pillowy whipped coffee, it was not so magical to make.

Both of us tricked our Dad to help us in the whipping. But after a good half an hour, we barely managed to save ourselves from getting whipped! 😛

The whipping took forever! The kitchen was a mess. So, me and my sister didn’t just succeed at making the coffee but also managed to anger both of our parents! One of whom, by the way, just laughed at us and suggested that we could have just used the hand blender in the first place. Moms and their swags, I tell you! If only we had asked her instead of dad….

All in all, it was a great way to pass time, which I think was the purpose of the whole exercise. But never again in my entire life am I ever going to make it again. Never! Nope.

Anyway, my hour of writing is up

and my coffee cup

is bottoms up!

I need to stop before I go off rambling. See you soon! Hope you guys will love to read my lockdown diaries. By the way, how many of you fell prey to the trend and ended-up making the strenuous but delicious cup of whipped cold coffee?

Well, it’s mid-April again, we are still locked down. Maybe this time I will try the hand-blender first…. 😛


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