Lockdown Diaries – Bird’s Eye view!

Well…right after I decide that I have to re-start blogging, my site crashes! For past two to three days, I was desperately trying to salvage the site. As most of you would know by now, I’m not much of a techno-savvy person. So obviously I had a hard time trying to understand the tech lingo. After a few futile attempts I reached out to few of my friends and they helped me salvage the site. A cursory look tells me that I have lost a few blogs but I have republished them. All your encouraging comments on them have been lost unfortunately.

However, I’m very glad that I didn’t lose my whole site. I’m already struggling with having to accommodate blogging in my schedule. I would have completely lost heart if I had lost everything. Umpphhhh… So here I’m after a minor hick-up. 😊

Continuing with my lockdown diaries, this time I take you through my neighbourhood. But before we start, have you ever chanced upon a group of individuals from afar and were genuinely intrigued by them?

I have recently shifted house. My new house overlooks a better part of my small suburban town. Staying on the last floor of a High Rise has its perks. My window overlooks a dozen of terraces of neighbouring buildings. The view is captivating! On normal days (read pre-lockdown), I would just glance through once or twice while brushing my teeth or while hurrying around the house on work days. But the endless days and nights that the lockdown has provided me with gave a lot of free time to perch on the window.

And just like me, there were a lot of people who due to the lockdown and social restrictions imposed due to the pandemic were up on their terraces. And watching them at their business became a source of entertainment for me.




I have lived in this part of Mumbai for my entire life and have played on the streets that snake through the concrete jungle. I recognize each building from above and sometimes even the people.

So, when me and my grandfather would sit together in the balcony and observe our neighbourhood, I could recognize a few odd people from above and wave out to them. It became our sliver of social contact in the otherwise locked down life.

Like a routine chore, my grandfather would count the number of people of each terrace and ask me to identify the buildings. We sat observing the people, seeing them at their business, just going through their routine. We were close enough to notice them interacting with each other but far enough to not clearly see or hear them (thus obviously we were not invading their privacy or even being a creepy peeping tom). It was more like we were watching a blurry movie on mute.

With the second wave setting in, India has reverted to a semi-lockdown phase. And I’m yet again sitting in my balcony with my grandpa waving at people on terraces, watching the cars on the roads that look at multi-coloured dots and listen to the trains that rush past from below headed to unknown destinations…



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6 thoughts on “Lockdown Diaries – Bird’s Eye view!

  1. I can so identify with this. However, the biggest downside of living in high rises is you never get to enjoy your own terrace. Most are locked and not accessible without special permission.

  2. So beautiful Ashwini! To be able to have this kind of bonding with your grandfather is admirable!!

    I have spent every morning/dawn in my terrace during last 15 months. Watching people, sunrise, birds and clouds ⛅️

    My granddaughter has never come to the terrace ☺️

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