I’ll be the waves and you be a strange shore
I shall roll on and on and on
Each time crashing into your soul
A little bit more…

A whirlpool of emotions
Gentle and warm
Or harbouring storms
Fierce and strong

But each time,
Returning with love
A little like the sea
Each time surrendering
A little bit of me…

Braving your serene brutality
Soothing your uneven shores
I claim your love
Each time,
A little bit more…

I’ll be the relentless wave
You be the steadfast shore
Our love the ethereal moon
Creating soulful ripples
Each time,
Just a little bit more…

Blogging, writing and composing after a long break. The pandemic hadn’t been kind to many of us. I hope to start and revive my writing soon.

Do let me know what you think of this little piece. This also happens to be the 1st attempt of composing of this new year! 🙂

Happy Blogging! Keep Visiting!

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