मै शायर तो नाही #6

We never know where we are headed or what our final destination is, but still we weave our stories and give perfect happy endings to it.  Life doesn’t always go as we want it to and somewhere along the way we lose our way.


Dekhte dekhte hum bohot dur aagae
Jaha se bichade the
Wapas ussi mod pe aagae
Waqt ne chin liya humse sab kuch
Muskurate muskurate jane kaise
Ankomein se aasu hi aagae…


But being lost is not always a bad thing. Because sometimes, we need to lose some to gain some…and when the moment is right, you suddenly realise that it’s time to start anew and feel the magic of new beginnings!


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  1. Bahut khoob. aansu to khushi ke lagte hain. If i send you a really nice hindi poem, from a close friend, will you consider it as a guest post. Of course, only if you like it. In my blog I don’t write poetry😊

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