Ahoy Mates!

I have tried to present the parts of a ship in a creative way by composing a poem. It’s not a very good attempt but… anyway, It was fun! Do let me know if you like it! 🙂

Ahoy mates!


The wind is fresh and steady

Let’s get our sails at ready

The weathered keel goes under

And the masts up, in case you wonder

Ahoy mates, the sound of waves beckon!



The ocean slumbers underneath

But worry not; the freeboard’s clean and neat

Camp up in “la poupe” or the forecastle

The breakwaters will dare the swelling tides

So no need to hustle

Ahoy mates, beware as the ship heaves!



Check your vertical and fore & aft centers

As the ships’ stability rests on these lines

Keep all your decks and draught super fine

The ship should not go below its waterline

Ahoy mates, all hands on deck!



The ship’s sailing day and night

But which side is left and which right?

Looking towards the bow with the stern behind

You get your starboard to your right

And port side’s your left, just keep that in mind

Ahoy mates, the hills and plains are nowhere in sight!



The wind is fresh and steady

The new ones don’t need you

to get your sails at ready

But the waves are swelling

Let the anchors loose

Ahoy mates, its time to leave behind the teeming docks

And sail into the gallant sea

And sail into the gallant sea….


© 2020 Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life
All Rights Reserved

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