Here’s something I had composed a while ago. It’s not related to COVID-19 in anyway. I guess we all must be having an overdose of corona virus related news and write-ups. But if I decide to stretch this poem too have some connection with the current situation, it all can be summed up in the last two lines…Coz that’s what is keeping us afloat in this dark types. HOPE…


In times like this, when we all are living in uncertainty…It’s the hope of emerging stronger and healthier that is giving us the strength to keep going. One step at a time…One day at a time…Have patience and we will wake up to a better world!


And the wait seems to be endless
Each day seemed to be getting longer and longer
Each time he felt emotions he had never felt before
Each second made her more real than the mundane realities of life
Each breath brought her closer
Each touch caressing her soul
His heart full of tender love and care…
And her’s a whirlpool of mixed emotions…*love *hate *hurt *care* fear*
And above all … *hope*
a Never Ending HOPE…

Stay Home. Stay Healthy guys!

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