Saudade Day in Brazil

Finally found a word for all those mixed feelings!
Saudade: a word of Portuguese origin which describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic or melancholic longing for someone or something that might never return. A word that evokes a sense of loneliness and void.
In Brazil, Saudade Day is celebrated on January 30!

A word that points to a memory or a feeling so intense yet subtle that a magnitude of English words cannot sum it up. It’s the “love that remains”, a recollection of memories, events and places that once brought happiness but leave a deep sense of longing and loss today.  It’s the sadness of missing something loved and the happiness for having experienced that love.
Saudade: “a pleasure you suffer, an ailment you enjoy.”
Love that remains…
As the wind whispers in your ears
and the sun caresses your face,
you will be thinking of me
When the stars shine down on you
and on a dark moonless night,
you will be thinking of me
In the deafening silence of a noisy room
or in a blissful company,
you will be thinking of me
With each passing day
and lonely sleepless nights,
you will be thinking of me
Distance can’t make me go away
Time won’t let you forget
and just like always
you will be thinking of me…
– Ashwini Nawathe
I think people who experience such an intense love are fortunate enough. To love, remember and long for a person even when there is nothing in return is in my opinion the most purest and unconditional form of love!
This post is for everyone who has experienced such Saudade… 🙂
PS: It’s a re-post. Hope you all enjoy it!

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56 thoughts on “Saudade Day in Brazil

  1. Very right you are Ashwini…..this is the truest form of love which doesn’t happen to many, but when it happens, its hard to keep away from it…….:)

  2. My heritage is Portuguese, and I can tell you they get way into “enjoying their pain”! There’s actually a song style that goes by the same name, saudadsh — and a performer isn’t considered good unless she can make you cry before you go home. Takes all kinds to make a world, yes?

  3. Wow that was quite a poetry….. loved reading it every word every phrase is filled with deep love and longing… Yes i too believ loving someone unconditionally is the purest form of love 🙂

      1. You won’t believe but I was going through my Archive yesterday and found about more than 60 poetry compositions, and as i was reading them I wondered, did I really wrote them …hahaha

        1. I know…kitne baar hota hai aisa. It like really blows my mind. And to think of it, at times I’m so completely at loss of words while’s really like finding your alternative-self who is like a word wizard 😀 😛

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