An Ode to the Imperfects

If you are a 90s kid born in India, you will remember how songs made us all fall in love with love. Music, especially the Bollywood romantic and the Hindi Pop, was a huge part of our childhood. We danced to the peppy tunes, hummed along with the singers, and played out make believe stories. I’m sure all of us must have longed to grow up and fall head over heels in love with someone just so that we could experience all those things expressed in the songs! Heck, I even wanted that certain someone to sing those songs to me…


For as long as I remember, I wanted to go off to live in a hostel/summer camp and dance in the rain. I wanted to hear violin and drums as maple leaves fell around me. Or meet my Raj on a Europe Trip or have a crazy love story stranded on an island! My heart did a double flip every time I saw Maya sing “Pyaar Kar…” or saw Simran dream about her lover in “Mere Khwabo me Jo aaye”. I used to listen to Sonu Nigam, Lucky Ali, and Adnan Sami croon and feel my heart melt with love for a person I hadn’t even met yet.


I’m sure just like me all of you too must have danced to the funky Remixes and felt awesome and cool as you slowly shifted to English Pop with equally heart-warming songs from Westlife, Enrique, Blue, Shakira and Britney Spears! I wanted to fall in love and have someone “every night in my dreams”…


But, unfortunately, for most of us our real life stories didn’t match up to our childhood dreams. Not because our dreams were unreal. I don’t think there’s anything unreal about falling or being in love. I mean, we are the ones who dreamed of “Asamaan ke paar shaayad aur koi asamaan hoga…” We are the ones who grew-up believing that the impossible was feasible.


I just think that we didn’t notice such kinds of stories as they were happening to us!


I’m sure each time our crushes smiled at us and when we had our first brushes with love, we must have felt just as special and electrified as our Sanju felt in “Pehela Nasha”. Whatever the outcome, the process of falling in love and finding your special someone must have been equally magical.


Interestingly however, have you ever noticed that our songs or movies never showed what happened next? We don’t know what happens after Anjali weds Rahul, we don’t know if Sonia managed to get over Rohit and stayed with Raj (his doppelganger, that’s a disaster right there!). We don’t know what happened to these people after they were dragged into the mundane life.


So we didn’t really know what to except after “Ishq hua”. We struggled to live a real life while holding on to our reel life dreams, hardly noticing that the stories we grew up with were turning old fashioned.


The year 2000 still feels like 10 years ago when it reality it is 20 years ago now! We don’t know what happened to time? It literally flew as we juggled studies and heartbreaks.


And just like that, out of nowhere, we were thrown into the second decade of the new millennium where everyone is suddenly talking about hook-ups! We are in a culture where people are humming “Baahon Mein Aa Soniye, Bas Aaj Raat Ke Liye” instead of “Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hai”. The songs these days either talk about breakups and complicated relationships or about one-night stands. The standards have changed; some of us have changed too, but we still seek solace in an occasional soulful tune sung by Arjit Singh or someone else.


Seems like we finally found out what happens after “Raja ko Rani se pyaar hogaya”. Real life has more of “Mana ke hum yaar nahi” than happily ever-afters.


As we try to come to terms with us being in late 20s or are turning 30 this year (2020), we still are the kids who remember Shahid Kapoor as the cute guy from “Ankomein Tera hi chehera” rather than his Kabir Singh version.


Our love lives might not have been as perfect as we longed for, but we have lived and experienced the best of all the decades. As most of us deal with work stress, social pressures, and heartbreaks, we need a gentle reminder of these simple charms of our childhood.


Who knows, maybe while listening to these songs that most of us have left behind years ago, we might learn to trust and believe in love again. And somewhere along the way our seemingly imperfect lives will make sense. Who knows, we may even find love! Who knows…


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  1. Yup. Except..every generation must have the same feeling😂. Parents keep reminding that their’s was the one to live.. Childhood is usually one of the best times for all.

  2. I too like the Indipop of 90’s. Those songs were beautiful. They had beautiful lyrics, music and story. Those songs makes me nostalgic but nowadays songs have no soul in them. They are just noise to ears. Now people lacks originality and creativity, they just remix old songs and ruin a beautiful song.

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