Four Years of Blogging!

So WordPress reminded me a few days ago that I have been blogging for 4 whole years now! Wow that’s great isn’t it??


Thank you all for making this possible. Without your love reflecting in my ever-growing viewership and follow count, I wouldn’t have had the inspiration required to keep growing! Cheers to you all…Keep showering your support always 🙂



As I look back, I’m truly surprised, proud and happy at how I have grown as a writer. Have you ever read your own blogs and wondered “how the hell I do I write so fine??”


I was skimming through my blog and I found a few words, phrases, plots or mere grammatical constructions that took me by surprise. I literally felt like giving myself a pat on the back. Not being narcissistic here, but seriously, like I can’t believe I came up with those lines! Hahaha


Anywho…  Looking ahead with new-found strength and enthusiasm to more fun-filled years of blogging and connecting with you guys!


By the way, do you have any favourites amongst my write-ups? Do let me know… And wish me luck for the future years of blogging! 🙂

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