Unifier of Modern India: Sardar Patel

The main task before India today is to consolidate herself into a well-knit and united power”

Born on 31st October 1875 in (Nadiad) Gujarat, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a simple man who took on the hard job of amalgamating over 552 Princely States into one nation, India! Known as the ‘Iron Man’ of India, Sardar Patel lived a simple life and had very good diplomatic skills. Today let’s see how and why Sardar Patel got the epithet of ‘Iron Man’!

Pre Independence India comprised of territories administered by different colonial powers like British, France and Portugal. Some of these territories were directly ruled by these colonial powers, others were under their suzerainty with the control over their internal affairs remaining in the hands of the hereditary rulers; while some others were independent princely states.

Sardar Patel was a robust statesman, who was responsible for shaping India’s destiny during as well as after the freedom struggle. The Life Story of Sardar Patel is certainly inspiring!

I recently wrote a blog for my office website on the political amalgamation of India. Do read it up here, Source: Unifier of Modern India: Sardar Patel

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