Celebrating World Heritage Week 2019

Every year all countries around the world celebrate the World Heritage Week from 19th Nov to 25th Nov with an aim is to spread awareness for protecting and preserving our valuable assets. With a total of 38 heritage sites, India has the 6th largest number of World Heritage Sites in the World!

There are a million reasons why India is like a honey-pot for travellers who flock in from all over the world to experience something completely magical. Its vibrant kaleidoscope of traditions, history and cultures makes India a unique country. India is in a way defined by its unity in diversity which is reflected through the various historical monuments that were built by emperors belonging to different ethnic groups, dynasties or even religions. Even in rich diversity one gets to see oneness in the spirit of India.


Last year I gave you a sneak-peek into interesting stories that Indian culture had to tell.  We saw the enchanting world of India’s tangible and intangible heritage. This World Heritage Week we will tour through the 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India. These include 30 cultural sites, 7 natural sites and one mixed site.



By the way, can you make a guess at a few of these sites? Hint: some of them are wonders of the world (quite literally).


Stay Tuned and explore these exotic World Heritage Sites with me!


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