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9th of October of every year is celebrated as World Post Day! In this world of Blogs, Facebooks, WhatsApp, stuff, let’s – for a change – celebrate the “Snail Mail”!


So here’s my crazy idea: Is anyone interested in being “Pen Friends”?



As I kid I always wanted to have pen friends. Someone to whom I can write postcards, letters and send them half way across the globe!


It’s been so long since I have written or received a postcard or a letter. In fact, I have never actually posted anything. We had had a telephone for as long as I can remember. But I had attempted to write a letter to my friend. I was so excited about it at that time that in the end the paper was much torn in places (because I had erased too enthusiastically). But in the end I never posted it.


It’s kind of sad that I haven’t done such a basic thing in spite of sending at least a dozen emails in a day. :


So here’s what I have in my mind: All those who are interested in trying your hands at writing letter/postcards, email me your postal address on and I will write to you. If you guys are interested will share my postal address too and we can be PEN PALS! Yay!


I’m so excited for this snail mail project!

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13 thoughts on “Snail Mail

  1. I had several pen pals growing up — from Sweden, Australia, Germany, and Canada. Out of the many, my Australian pen pal is the only one I still keep in touch with after 30 years. This time on Facebook!

    1. Oh that’s amazing! It’s great that you are still in touch with at least one of them.

      I’m so envious of right now! It was my dream to have a pen friend.

      But since I have started this “snail mail project” I have written out to so many people… it’s fun!

  2. Handwritten sentiments of the posted kind … I love these!!!

    I used to stamp collect from the various pen pals I had across the world growing up… Then tech happened hardly get any mail except bills, and now not even those, most services send receipts and invoices via email or SMS even

    1. Yes I know what you mean. Sadly I never got any letters. So was super excited to try this out. I’m so happy that I have sent at least 25 inland letters and around 7 airmails!!
      So far, I’m in love with this project! <3

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