I Left my heart behind

“Life is short and the world too wide!”

Beginning since 1980, 27th September of every year is celebrated as the World Tourism Day. The goal was to create awareness among the international community about the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. Each country has a beautiful and magnificent history and many awe-inspiring places; We all want to tick all of them off our bucket list…and we will.

Let’s celebrate World Tourism Day with an ode to all those  beautiful places that we have to visit yet and all those which have already stolen our hearts… To all those struck with the wanderlust, here’s something that you all will relate too.


I left my heart behind

Amidst the waves that softly lapped at the shore

Where the winds tugged at moored sails to explore more


I left my heart behind

In some coffee shops on that cobbled street

Where a stolen glance made two strangers meet


I left my heart behind

On the walls decorated with graffiti

Where millions of “Romeo-Juliet” hid their love stories in red-pink confetti


I left my heart behind

In those cosy by-lanes

Where we made new friends whilst admiring the rosy window panes


I left my heart behind

In the cold breeze that laced the coastline

Where life stories were shared over a few glasses of wine


I left my heart behind

In the food and drink that we shared

Where our worries were smoked off in the air


I left my heart behind

Like those lipstick stains on coffee mugs

I left my heart behind

When at the airport we shared our goodbye hugs…



To Travel is to Live!

I composed this poem after I came just back from a trip that took me to some of the places on my travel bucket list. All of it still feels like a dream. Such awesome memories. I truly had a time of my life 🙂

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