What I like about you?

So yesterday I participated in a WhatsApp “game” where we had to post a status “Say Hi and I will tell what I like about you”. And I wrote things that I like about those who replied with a Hi. It seems like a whole lot of wok (it was) but I loved doing it!

So many people replied with a Hi that my WhatsApp was buzzing throughout the day. It had been ages since I talked with many who replied. It was fun to reconnect with friends, acquaintances and family.




To start with, this exercise made me realise and ponder over the number of people who check my status. And by that I don’t mean like just see it and forget. But like those who actually read and notice. It was an interesting number.


I wonder whether I notice and register the things that other people put up on social media!


To be frank…I really don’t. I look at the photos or videos mildly interested for the first few seconds, hit a like and after that I just stare blankly without actually registering what I see. I realised that I am engrossed and yet so distant when being the audience of other’s life.


I’m not so distant in real life (or so I would I like to think…I mean I hope I’m not :/) Anyway…So as I was saying, the numbers were  big.


The next thing that got to me was the fact that many people who replied said that they were feeling low and hearing a few good things about themselves would cheer them up.


I was immensely happy that people were honest with me and considered me as a person reliable enough to help them boost their moods. Of course, we don’t need validation from others for being who we are…But then, are our lives really so dry and devoid of basic appreciation that we seek kindness in such random ways? It made me sad.


But then I realised that in that very moment I had the power to make them smile!




So instead of focusing on the sad and silent cacophony of this “e-life”, I took extra efforts of putting into words all that I liked about that person. The birthday cards that we shared, some weird quirk of theirs that I remembered, or the way they snort when they laugh, their fashion sense, the skills that they excel at, our decades worth of memories, the treks we shared, our private jokes…I told them how I liked their eye colour or the way they smile! (I tried to not sound creepy :P) I meticulously wrote down things that connected us.


Sometimes what we miss is the personal touch.  I think that there’s happiness in such small things.


This exercise made me look at that person in a different way. It brought back so many long forgotten moments. It also brought back many people, those with whom I had grown apart because of our busy schedules. I chatted up with each one of them, catching up on the lost days, months and years! It put me in a very good mood.

I really enjoyed my yesterday… I’m all happy and smiling today 🙂




What about you? Have you recently told anyone what you like about them? Has anybody told what they like about you?


If not…go ahead Put “Say Hi and I tell what I like about you” in your status. Spread some love fellas! We know the world needs it… Cheers 🙂


PS: For those who are wondering if I got any appreciative messages in return…well, I didn’t (expect for one). I think people became too happy and satisfied with themselves to return the favour. Hahahaha…

Any who, I didn’t expect to get anything in return for all the messages that I wrote. So I’m not disappointed or anything. But yeah many replied with “love yous”, “miss yous” and “you are awesome” so that’s my validation there… 😛




PPS: (I was suddenly hit by this thought when I was proof reading this write-up.)

Maybe, the reason that so many people were interested in my WhatsApp status was because it was to do with them and their life rather than with me! So after all, I shouldn’t be blown away by the numbers : P

And maybe this is the same reason I too in turn seem uninterested in other people’s lives on social media. Coz it hasn’t got anything to do with me! Alas…It turns out that in spite of “individualism” and “I-don’t-need-your-approval” attitude, we all still seek social validation.

No man is an island after all….




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3 thoughts on “What I like about you?

  1. Lovely post Ashwani. People are stingy when it comes to appreciating others. I do it a lot because I feel and I’m sure it makes them happy. It’s the same when we receive it too. Social media is fake but there are some people who make it beautiful like posting their drawings, poetries, stories, nature photographs and so on. They need to be appreciated as it gives them more hope and a motivation and it makes us feel good too.

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