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Iti Haas: as it happened!

History, an elementary narration of a labyrinthine past! How I love this subject…The sheer multitude of complex past stories and their implications in our present lives is something that just overwhelms me.

There are times when I get lost in the “What ifs” and start imagining the alternative realities. What if the major events that moulded the world as we know it today never happened? How would our present be?

What if Indus Valley Civilisation didn’t face a decline?
What if Akbar couldn’t defeat Hemu and the Mughals never came to power?
What if Baktiyar Khilji couldn’t destroy Nalanda?
What if Alexander the Great hadn’t died young?
What if the Peshwas won the Anglo-Maratha wars?
What if the British never ruled over India?
What if Gandhiji never returned from Africa?
What if India didn’t get partitioned?
What if Hitler was successful in invading Russia?
Or what if he died in the 1st World War itself?

A complete list of “what ifs” is just unthinkable and scary, the resulting alternative realities even more so. History is full of lessons, but it has unsolved and intriguing mysteries too, lurking in the dark…waiting to be discovered, bidding their time!

Our mistakes are big and their repercussions bigger! Here’s a beautiful ‘sher’ (couplet) by Muzaffar Razmi:


“Yeh zabr bhi dekha hai taareekh ki nazron ne,
lamhon ne khata ki thee, sadiyon ne sazaa paayi”


Meaning: History has seen such injuries where the mistakes of one moment have ruined (punished) centuries…


And maybe, just maybe, what if one day we find a single piece of undisputed evidence proving a fact completely opposite to what we have believed to be true for all these years…What then?

Who knows what the world would have been like. Who knows what the new archaeological excavations might discover. Who knows…


“Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth, who sees it all? Varuna has a thousand eyes, Indra a hundred, you and I, but two.”

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