Midnight Musings

Isn’t it funny how some random-est of things can get you thinking? It all started when my friend asked me when I would rather be missed by someone. It was such a weird question.

“After I die” I blurted out laughing.


And then we both launched into what can be, at best, termed as nonsensical chatter which spanned a great deal of topics from Jupiter’s largest moon to our love lives and to the best ‘vada pav’ in the neighbourhood. But the random question that prompted the only “sensible time” during my office hours (:P) got stuck in the back of my head.


Really, when would I want someone to miss me? What time of the day/night? In what emotional state?


असं होतं ना कधीकधी,

कोणीतरी काहीतरी random प्रश्न विचारतं

आणि मग आपल्या मनात

उगाचच काहूर माजत


For some reason the quote that I saw on FB kept flashing in mind. It went like this: “Being missed by someone when they are busy means more than being missed when they are alone and free”, or something on the similar lines.


I gave it a lot of thought and it turns out I would rather be missed by someone when they are quite alone.

I think people are at their very raw self when they are alone. For me, my alone time is almost sacred. And I think it would be true with every one of us. When alone, our thoughts are unguarded by any social or ethical constrains. We are comfortable with and true to our self. I want someone to miss me when their thoughts are vulnerable to the raw truth.

I agree, there is a certain excitement in being someone’s distraction. But I find poetic romance in being missed when alone. I don’t mind being a fleeting thought that passes through in their busiest moment…but I would like to be a thought that sneaks in the darkness of the night or when they read a novel. I would rather be missed in the moments just after the sunset; the time when the sky seems to hold all the light…I would like someone to think of me then.

I think missing someone should be like the taste of coffee which stays on our lips long after we had had it. Something which lingers…I think I would like to be the soft smile that escapes when they listen to a beautiful song or the unshed tear when they solemnly gaze out of a window.

Instead of being a distraction for them, I would like to be that someone with whom they are comfortable enough to share their solitude…


Hmmmmphh… I know I’m a hopeless romantic! *Sigh*

Anywho…what about you guys? When would you like to be missed?


EDIT:  After reading this, my dad pointed out, and I quote him, “You should be remembered by someone and not missed.” A change in word makes all the difference…so yeah I hope I am fondly “remembered” than sadly missed!



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23 thoughts on “Midnight Musings

  1. I guess ‘being missed’ is a very personal thing to an individual. A time when you want that person so bad, that you’d want to take that person out of your thoughts and have them next to you.
    That said,if people miss me (that’s me being hopeful) – they just call or get in touch. No preference of day. 🙂
    Good post!

  2. Woh!! This is something really interesting that I read in a long time. Your way of like to be being missed gave my brain and heart lot of job to do. I never considered how exciting it is to be missed as most of the time I’m busy in missing others procese. Loved it ❤👍

  3. Even though this is midnight musings by a hopeless romantic, it is still interesting to the unromantic people, like me. But what appeals more is the edit at the end. Is missing someone different than remembering someone, does missing always carry a implicit sadness, because it is involuntary. Alternatively do we always remember others in good spirit, because it is a conscious effort. These differences need to be analyzed further, on other midnights, till then enjoy the love life and alone time.

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