American Declaration of Independence

4th July 1776 heralded a start of a new nation, the United States of America. This day marks the end of the colonial rule in the states and the start of the “Union of states”. Independence Days are always a reason to celebrate the country’s sovereignty, liberty and history.
But did you know that the much celebrated American Declaration of Independence was not signed on 4th of July or in July at all?

Well…You will even more surprised to know that even if the date 4th of July may not be the day when the forefathers actually signed the document, its still the date when John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe (Ex-presidents of USA) passed away and the 30th Commander-in-Chief,Calvin Coolidge, was born!
History can be an interesting thing. Read about the story of America’s struggle for freedom and things that lead up to the Declaration of Independence:

Source: American Declaration of Independence


PS: It’s a blog I wrote for my office site. The write-up traces the events through coins, stamps and banknotes. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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