A Rainy Day

I can’t tone down my excitement or my love for the rains. Especially when it pours and pours, and presents with unexpected holidays! It has been raining cats and dogs for the past two days. I think for the very first – in my memory – the “lifeline of Mumbai”, the Mumbai Local trains, have come to a full stop – quite literally. But that hadn’t stopped us Mumbaikars from trying to get to the office. I don’t frankly know whether its the love for office or the need of an adventure of having travelled in torrential rains or the crumbling necessity to earn, that prompts us to get out of the comforts of our homes and get stuck in the downpour. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Mumbaikar went out and got stuck. 

I’m sure everyone would have a story to tale of these last two days. I surely did have a very nice extended weekend.



As always, I left for office in morning and, what usually takes a total of 50 minutes to reach my work place, took a good part of 3 hours! And yet still, I hadn’t reached my destination and was hopelessly stranded. It was no doubt very tiring. Anyway, so after waiting for a long time, me and my friend got down at a random station and decided to head back home via an auto rickshaw. But it turns out that things were destined to go wrong. We had a puncture midway. So while the driver changed the tyre, we sat there on the highway enjoying the rains, cracking jokes, eating hot bhaji-paav and sipping garam chai. We even composed a very stupid poem!



After a lot of hassles we finally reached home and spent the reminder of the day watching old movies, eating hot maggie and singing. Life is surely fun when you are with your crazy people.

The downpour continued through the night and Tuesday was declared as a public holiday holiday. So yesterday too was a lazy day spent with my family playing cards, scrabble and watching the cricket world cup. It’s for the unexpected moments like this that I love the rains, obviously amongst other things 😛


Sharing the poem that me and my friend composed sitting on the highway. It’s super mad and so don’t judge. 😛


It’s July not June

And finally here starts the monsoon

But the tracks and road

get drowned too very soon

We hear that the rain and tide

are controlled by the moon

but that’s not possible, is it?

because here it is still afternoon

Now now,

don’t think us to be baboons

we have learned all about

the weathers in classrooms

we may be a pair of loons

but as our profession we excavate tombs

Reading this poem we know

you presume, that

our brains are filled with

nothing but vacuum

maybe you are right

for now we are running out soon

of words rhyming with Neptune

So now we wish you a good fortune

and hope you remember to carry a broom

to smack us

for next time we get stuck in monsoon

we won’t dare to write a poem

where we rhyme womb with washroom…




PS: Though it may seem like it, we were NOT DRUNK! Really.  Anyway, so what were you guys up to these past two days? And how does it feels to be back in office today?


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18 thoughts on “A Rainy Day

  1. Yes,rain in Mumbai is really thrilling,I did enjoy the rainy season in Bandra,Khar, Santa Cruz and ville Parle when I lived there.Interesting post,thanks for sharing.

  2. I can relate to this… after this post I actually stalked you just to know which station it was that took 3 hours 😂😂 and after knowing that you are from central line I can understand your frustration 😁😁…pan mast lihilay.

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